Today is the forth death anniversary of Mariam Jose
I want to remind you of our testimony

Maria and I were married on 29th July 1981. In 1982 My colleague in Mico called me for a prayer meeting in which I accepted Jesus as my personal savior this changed my life .I was born again.While returning back the preacher dropped me home and said He will pray for he prayed God revealed to him the problems Maria was going through. This made her to accept Jesus. We started to trust God for all things in Our  life.
The first tragedy struck us when Maria was diagnosed with a heart problem in 1986. At that time, Mr. Dorairaj told us to seek God's help and so we went to his house for prayer. When we went for prayer pastor said that God has already healed her as we had come in faith expecting a miracle. We did the Cardiac Catheterization test at Sindi Hospital and she was found to be perfectly fine, God gave her a lease of life. In 1987, Danny was born despite the fact that the doctors had told us there would be complications during childbirth, but by God's grace, Maria had a normal delivery.
In 2003, she again became ill and the doctor suggested for an open-heart surgery. We fixed the surgery after much prayer at Narayana Hrudayalaya. On 27th May in the operation theater, after the surgery, the doctors were confused, as her heart did not revive after the operation. A believer inside the theatre began to pray for her as we were praying outside. Suddenly her life came back, God had given her the second lease of life.
In 2007, she had a major ailment of an infection in the blood that affected her heart. After a month's treatment at St. Johns Hospital the doctors told us we could take her home. However, on the day she was to be discharged, before we could come out of the hospital, she collapsed in the toilet. She was rushed to the CCU and the doctors declared that she was dead. We were praying for her life and once again God did amiracle. As Maria recollected this incident she told us that as she lay in the CCU, God had sent two servants of God who were at that time gone to be with the Lord. They held her hands and were taking her up when suddenly her life came back. She felt the doctors trying to revive her and God had given her the third lease of life.
God prepared the wedding of my daughter Savitha on Jan 2010 but Maria's health was deteriorating at that time. She completed the wedding and was present for the whole day despite her bad health condition.
After the marriage, we decided to go for the second operation at Fortis hospital. The surgery was on 19 Feb 2010 and her condition was critical after the operation. We sent mobile SMS's to all for prayer and I was fighting it out in prayer for Maria's life. On 20 Feb 2010 at 11:00 am I felt the presence of God and He asked me if His answer was 'no' what would I do? Would I still continue to love Him? I said, yes Lord, if the answer is 'no' or 'yes' I will still love you. I gave the decision into God's hands and I had a divine peace. God took her to be with Him at 4 pm and today I can praise God that He has done what is best for us.
Throughout this four years my God has been with us .
 May God bless each one of you a thousand fold.


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